Johnny Rawls 

"Keep the Blues Alive" 




"He's got a knack with that fret board, all right, and that rapid-fire staccato blues lead that makes a solo so recognizable simply belongs to big John when that Strat takes flight."  World's GreatestCritic

"I've seldom seen a better set under adverse conditions than the set Johnny put in."  Sonoma Tunes

"Rawls knows how to connect with his listeners and on both evenings, they loved every minute of it."  Jazz Now

"I've never seen anyone play the blues like him."  The Purdue Exponent

"Rawls gained some new fans this night with his unique soul style and stage charisma."  Jazz Now

"The next time Johnny Rawls heads into town, be sure to check him out.  I guarantee that there is no way to not have fun with this band."  Blues on Stage

"a great singer and a fantastic showman... Rawls filled the dance floor from the very first note and kept them dancing all night long."  Blues on Stage

"They were eating it up and begging for more."  Athens Musician

"If you had to sum up Johnny and his music in one word, it would be smooth.  Everything he does, from singing, playing guitar, writing songs, and interacting with his fans reflects the polish and considerable talent he has developed over the years."  Blues on Stage

You can't find a guy like him very often who can sing soul and play blues guitar solos both so well."  Blues Ginza

"Johnny was the pro everyone expected him to be, and gave us a great show."

"Johnny Rawls put on an excellent show."  Blues on Stage

"If you ever get to see even a few minutes of his show, (Rawls) will hook you for life."  Don O.'s Dallas/Fort Worth Blues Page

"The overflow crowd immersed themselves in an evening of dancing and partying down to one of the best shows to hit town."  Jazz Now 

"Johnny is another of those super confident and well heeled players that makes it all look like it's just a piece of cake."  NY CD Blues

"Blues fans are advised to check Johnny Rawls'll be glad you did."  Fort Worth Star-Telegram 

"Every person packed on the dance floor...gyrating to Johnny Rawls had the blues and was loving every low-down minute of it."  Tallahassee Democrat


"(Johnny Rawls has) always been able to do his own sound, as opposed to having someone else come in and try to make him sound contemporary." Daily Mississippian

"Rawls is as good as, if not better, than most of the acts that will be performing at the Jazz Fest."  The Purdue Exponent

"'I'm here to put the edge back and sing that raw gospel sound.'"  Blues Revue

"a steamy brand of blues anchored by Rawls' masterful guitar playing."  The Charlotte Observer

"Johnny Rawls is a true blues road warrior who has driven millions of miles."  Michigan Chronicle

"a standout for lovers of horn-enhanced soul and blues."  Champaign News-Gazette

"His astonishing talent lies in the idea that he can take all of those life experiences and sing about them in a style that almost everyone can enjoy."  The Purdue Exponent

"If anyone has the qualifications to sing the blues, it's Rawls."  The Purdue Exponent

"The music of Johnny Rawls hearkens back to the gospel-derived deep soul style."  The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

"He's a master bluesman and a master soulman."  Tallahassee Democrat

Short Takes

"...a stellar Southern soul singer." Now (Toronto, Canada)

"No Boundaries promises to take his career to yet another level." Ottawa Start

"Johnny Rawls has blossomed into one of the top talents in soul blues today."
"Lucky Man...further showcases his deft blend of grits-and-greens rootsiness and poppy accessibility." Chicago Reader

"Johnny Rawls and his big band featuring the Nutmeg Horns delivered Blues and R&B the way they were meant to be played...with lots of heart and soul."
Billtown Blues Festival

"an ace band leader, singer, songwriter and chitlin-circuit fave who knows all about crowd pleasing." Minneapolis Star andTribune

"you can't play real blues unless you're from Mississippi." The Arizona Republic
"Check out Johnny Rawls' resume and you'll see that this is serious business."
The Charlotte Observer

"Mississippi soul-blues man who wows crowds with his smoldering vocals and guitar style."
The Charlotte Observer

"Johnny Rawls can play straight blues like nobody's business..."
The Charlotte Observer
"This soul/blues artist has lived what he sings...deep rooted soul-blues tradition..."
Creative Loafing
"Rawls has blossomed into a top blues and soul talent." The Salt Lake Tribune

"pure, aural pleasure...a burning fire of pure sexual healing" The Tallahassee Democrat

"blues cross-pollinated with soul." Tucson Citizen

"Rawls ranks among the blues' top emerging talents." Tucson Weekly

"nothing seems to stop (Rawls) from staying true to his calling." Washington City Paper

"(Rawls) has a rich, versatile tenor voice that never rings false." Worcester Phoenix

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