Johnny Rawls 

"Keep the Blues Alive" 



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Bottom To The Top (Live)

    Where Have All The Soul Men Gone

I Miss Otis Clay

I Can't Let Nobody


Johnny Rawls winning 2019 Blues Music Award in the category “Soul Blues Album”  


Oakland Art & Soul  2013 Festival

30th Blues Music Awards
Nominee - Soul Blues Alblum of the Year "Red Cadillac"
Nominee - Soul Blues Male Artist of the Year

31st Blues Music Awards
Soul Blues Alblum of the Year "Ace of Spades" 

Listen to a sampling of Johnny Rawls' original music!

I'm Still Around
Johnny Rawls
Running Back to You                             
                  Deep South Soul Productions
                               Released 2018

Waiting For The Train
Johnny Rawls
California Shake                                    Listen!
                              Catfood Records
                                Released 2017

Tiger In A Cage Johnny Rawls
Tiger In A Cage                                 Listen!
Having A Party                                       Listen!
                               Catfood Records
                                Released 2016

Soul Brothers
Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls
Momma Didn't Raise No Fool                 Listen!
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted        Listen!
                               Catfood Records
                                Released 2014
Remembering O.V.
Into Something                                
Precious, Precious                            Listen!
                                       Catfood Records                                     Released April 2013

Soul Survivor
Catfood Records / Deep South Soul
                                    Released April 2012

Soul Survivor                                   Listen!

Memphis Still Got Soul
                                          Catfood Records
                          Released April 2011

Burning Bridges                              
Don't Act So Innocent                       Listen!

Ace of Spades   
                                  Deep South Soul
Released October 2010

Ace of Spades                                Listen!
Going Back Home

Red Cadillac   
                                    Deep South Soul
Released June 2009

Can I Get It
Red Cadillac                                  Listen!
I Want to Thank You                      Listen!

Heart and Soul
                                    Deep South Soul
                                        Released October 2008

Ain't That Love                             Listen!
Good Lovin' Going On                   Listen!

No Boundaries  
                                   Deep South Soul
Top Cat
                            Released August 2005

Never Found a Smoking Gun          

Lucky Man       
                                 Deep South Soul
                            Released April 2002

Lucky Man                                    

Rockin' In Rockland
Deep South Records
                                 Released 2006

You Got To Change                        
Don't Lose Your Good Thing             Listen!


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